8 simple self-care ideas for moms you can embrace right now!

by Mama Loves Home

Tried and tested self-care ideas for moms you can actually add to your day right now!

Moms receive an inordinate amount of advice, mostly of the unrequested type. While it is amazing to have well-meaning friends and publications trying to help us find a balance in this crazy parenting ride, I am sure I am not the only one who finds much of the advice out there simply futile.

Take self-care. I am a strong advocate of self-care for moms but take these tips: ‘go for a spa weekend with your friend’, or ‘wake up one hour earlier so you can do yoga’.

They are good tips in theory but when will I ever get the time to actually go on a spa break and who is paying for it exactly?

And waking up early sure, makes sense, but I am sure I am not the only one with a toddler who seems to find sleep only at about 4 am, so when am I actually supposed to sleep there?

Once you are actually in the trenches of motherhood a lot of good ideas turn out to be not so doable after all, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up on self-care entirely. There are indeed some simple things you can do get YOU back in the picture and they don’t have to take much time nor to break the bank.

These are our favorite and actually doable self-care tips for moms.

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8 Easy self-care ideas for moms

Chat with a friend

A chat with a friend is a great way to relax and reconnect with yourself: a good friend will ask you about you, make you laugh, feel supported and take you virtually out of your house and routine and in touch with the outside world.

If meeting in person is not possible and even the phone is a struggle, embrace WhatsApp and mix standard messaging with voice messages: hearing the sound of your friend’s voice is a very powerful way to make the distance between the two of you shorter!

The key for WhatsApp to work as a self-care tool is to not feel guilty about your time on the phone. When you are chatting with your friend, don’t focus on the fact you are on your phone instead of your kids: this is not mindless screen time, it is your bonding time with your pals and there is nothing wrong enjoying it!

Have a nightly face mask

Trips to the beauty salon are great if you can fit them in, but it is incredible how pleasant a simple thing like wearing a face mask at night can be!

You don’t need anything expensive or laborious: pick a good, hydrating mask or even just a good face cream by a brand you love and make a habit of putting it on every night.

If you can get a break and relax while the mask is in place, great! If you can’t, it doesn’t matter: even just a cream, if it is the right one for your skin and applied regularly, can make you feel immensely better: applying it is a moment of self-care itself and seeing your skin healthier and relaxed in the morning is sure to work as a pick me up too!

Make sure you have a drink

No, we don’t mean alcohol (although we will not be the ones judging you if you enjoy a good glass of red in the evening! )

What we mean is to make sure you stay hydrated during the day: you can go for water, but you can also change it up and mix healthy juices, smoothies and shakes.

You can make them yourself while preparing your kids’ healthy snacks or indulge in store-bought or even home-delivered ones. If you find flavors you love, they are a wonderful and easy way to treat yourself to something delicious and help your body stay healthy.

Listen to your favorite song

Mozart is great for your baby in the womb. The Wheels on the Bus is great for your toddler, but is great for you? Music can be a powerful mood-lifting tool and one that doesn’t cost much if anything at all.

During the day, make sure you put on a mix of music for your children and music for you. No time to even focus on what song to pick? Use Spotify (free with ads, premium without) to select a genre you like and put it in the background, then let your mind wander over the notes of your favorite artists!

Have a pedicure

A manicure is an easy way to look better and feel ‘together’ fast however, it can be a frustrating experience if your wonderful paintwork gest destroyed after 5 minutes by dishwashing and whatnot.

A pedi, on the other hand, can be as rewarding and last longer! Even if you live in a climate that requires closed shoes or slippers, go for it: the pedi is for you and every time you look down at your lovely nails, you will get a tingle of joy. Sometimes it really is all about the little things!

Start a gratitude journal

When we are tired and exhausted we often find it hard to focus on the things that are going well and a gratitude journal is a surprisingly powerful tool to focus again on the good that is in our life.

You don’t need to be a writer to keep one, a one-liner will do. What can you be grateful for today: did a friend call you to check in on you? Did your kid smile to you? Did your lower back pain give you a bit of a break? One line is all it takes to start a mind-shift that will help you see the light even when all you see is sleep deprivation.

Just sit down

Look back at the day you just had: did you spend most of it on your feet? If this is the case, taking the time to just sit, even just for a few minutes, will be invaluable to regain stillness and feel better.

Do it when your kids are still asleep, or during nap time or after everyone goes to bed: choose a spot beside a window and turn phone and devices off for 5 minutes and let your mind calm down. This is one of the easiest self-care ideas for moms and one of the most powerful!

Go for a walk

Fresh air and exercise are a sure way to make you feel better fast and you don’t need to be an athlete or live close to nature to reap their benefits.

Wherever you live, identify places you can walk to and make a point to not take the car unless you really have to. Can you go for a walk around the block? Or is there a park or natural area nearby you can drive to, and then use as your stomping ground?

Make a point to identify places you can reach on foot and add some walking time to your day: pushing a stroller in the process is ok too! Wear good shoes and bring your music and earphones for a moment that is just for you.

We hope you enjoyed our self-care ideas for moms. Take care!

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