How to keep your towels soft: easy tips for perfect results every time

by Mama Loves Home
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Easy tips to keep your towels soft and get that fluffy feel every time!

Soft towels are one of the little big pleasures in life. They are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom and an easy way to turn your daily shower time into a pleasant self-care moment.

Luxury hotels make a point of offering lots and lots of soft towels and if you ever wondered how they managed to keep their towels soft with all the washes they go through, you are not alone.

Keeping towels soft takes more than just picking good quality ones at the shop however, a few simple tips can go a long way.

These are out easy laundry tips to keep towels soft.

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How to keep towels soft: home laundry tips

Start with good quality towels

This article is about how to keep soft the towels you have so starting with a recommendation to get good quality ones may seem out of place.

However, it is important to set expectations as unfortunately, towels that start hard will stay hard!

Before you start on your softness mission, take stock of what you are working with, if you are happy with it or able to consider an upgrade. These tips will help with any type of towel but some materials are not meant for softness, no matter how hard you try.

Use less soap

When it comes to laundry detergent, it may be easy to think the more you add, the better the result however, in this case, less is more.

Excess soap/laundry detergent tends to leave residue on the towels that make them hard and rough: check on the box how much detergent the manufacturer recommends and then experiment how much less you can use. Often, less than a half dose is more than enough!

Your towels will thank you and it can make a nice difference on the budget too!

Ditch fabric softener

Fabric softener makes most laundry items soft but can seriously hinder the fluffiness of your towels. Like detergent, the residue it leaves can make the towels hard and make the towels less absorbent.

A better product to use on your towels is white vinegar. Adding it into your wash instead of softener will help keep your towels clean and soft and will also help your washing machine stay clean and smell clean.

Wash in a smaller load

As tempting as it can be to cram your washing machine to the brim and put a dent into that massive laundry task, leaving space for the items to move while washing will go a long way to keep your towels soft and clean.

Space to move will help dirt and buildup to wash away and will also avoid straining your machine, minimizing the risks of it breaking or stalling.

You can check if the space is enough simply putting a hand to the top of the load before starting: you want to have enough space for your hand to sit on the load comfortably without having to squash the towels to make room.

Combine line drying and tumble drying

If you have the option, start drying your towels on the line and then finish the job putting them into the dryer at a medium setting.

Dryers are a great way to make towels softer but their high temperature can play havoc with the towel fibers. Start the drying process on the line, then shake the towels well and toss them in the dryer for best results.

Add a laundry ball to the dryer

Laundry balls are amazing to help keep towels soft. As the toss around the dryer, the soften the fibers and remove lumps helping the towels being like new after every wash.

Need to know! Always make sure you towels are fully dry before folding them to avoid the potential build up of germs and mildew.

Skip the ironing

You will be happy to hear that you can skip ironing towels and ever more than that: you should skip it if you want them soft and nice!

The heat and the pressure of the ironing process damage the fibers of the towels and tend to make them hard and less absorbent.

A better way to care for your towels is to take a minute to shake them well: this will make the loops and the fibers fluff up again and keep the towels working and feeling the best for longer.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to help you keep your towels soft and they helped make your laundry routine easier!

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