How to store Halloween decorations in 5 easy steps

by Mama Loves Home

5 easy steps to store Halloween decorations without stress.

Decorations are a big part of the Halloween fun. However, once that dark magical night is over, they need to get stored fast so you can get going with decoration for a totally different type of magical season: Christmas!

Storing Halloween decorations is not always easy. Odd shapes and dirt make the whole operation potentially very tricky, however, we have some tips for Halloween decoration storage that can help!

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5 steps to easy Halloween decoration storage

Get you cleaning products out

The first thing you need to do when setting off to storing Halloween decorations is to get them clean.

Set yourself up with rubber gloves, disinfectant, cleaning wipes and make sure you scrub away all the dirt, especially from outdoor decorations.

Use the most appropriate cleaning product for each material and let them dry properly to avoid molds or pests.

Make sure you also wash all costumes and the inside of face masks.

Choose the right type of box

The right box for your Halloween storage needs depends on your storage space, how ventilated it is and how exposed to potential pests it will be.

If you are storing decorations in the garage or the attic, plastic boxes are usually the best while of you have decorations in a room you access often, you can have fun and choose pretty ones in whatever shape and color you like the most.

Decide your cataloguing system

If you have enough items to fill more than one box, you can decide what method of storing to use.

  • You can store by decoration theme: pumpkin / ghosts / skeletons
  • You can store by decoration use: countertop, pendants etc
  • You can store them by display room: living room/hallway etc

Use ziplock bags

Once decorations are clean, dry and catalogued, use ziplock bags to protect them. Clean and see-through, they make your boxed look very tidy and a breeze to set decorations up next time!

Label label label

However you decide to store your decorations, make sure you label the result of your efforts!

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