How to fold and store your bras the right way

by Mama Loves Home

Five genius ways to fold and store your bras for all types of spaces.

Comfortable bras are hard to come by so when you finally find the perfect fit, it is worth taking a bit of extra care so that our precious purchase can last a little longer.

The best thing you can do to keep your bra in shape, literally, is to store it properly. But how do you fold bras? Is it ok to just fold the cups on top of the other, should you hang your bars and are bra organizers worth it?

After many years of getting bra storing wrong, we have learned a few tricks and now we are ready to share! These are the best ways to fold bras.

How to fold bras: 5 genius storing hacks

How to fold plain or lace bras

Plain bras without padded cups are the easiest type to fold. You can simply fold one half over the other and put them in your drawer without running the risk of ruining their shape or damaging their support system.

Once they are folded, you can file them vertically one beside the other, so they are easy to find.

If they have a wired part, put the wire towards the top as it to form a little arch for the tidiest and most efficient result. If you have a large drawer with partitions, you can use a box (a shoebox works well) to create a bra area or look at the bra storage solutions at the bottom of this article.

How to store a padded bra in a drawer

If you have padded bras it may be tempting to fold them in half, pushing one cup inside the other to take up as little space as possible but this is a shortcut to a bra disaster.

The cup will sooner or later lose its original shape and assume a lopsided aspect that will look odd and feel annoying, sticking out in all the wrong places.

Instead, you want to store padded bras having them lying flat, one cup beside the other and the straps tucked in. Use a box or a drawer partition system for the best result.

How to fold sports bras

Sports bras do not have a shape problem but maybe just because of this tend to be one of those items that simply get lost in your drawer usually scrunched away under something else!

To avoid a treasure hunt every time you need to go to the gym, the best way is to fold your sports bras so you can see them easily on opening your bra drawer and the easiest way to fold and store the bra as they would in a shop: fold across the length first, then in 3 parts, the store vertically: done!

How to store bras with a bra organizer

Large drawers tend to become messy fast so we love the easy organization system you can achieve with the right bra organizer.

Bra organizers come in different styles and at different price points and the best type to bet depends on the bras you are in need of storing.

If you have sports bras and no underwire bras, then we like those that make your drawer look like a beehive: the little boxes they create they are perfect finding what you need fast and they ensure your drawer is always perfect looking.

If you need to store also bras with padded cups then you are better off getting a system that foresees different size boxes and containers. These usually have some longer boxes perfect for storing your bras flat and smaller ones for your wired and sports bra.

I thought several boxes were redundant but now that I have had my sports bras / padded bras / sports bras and breastfeeding bras all laid out nicely for years, I cannot recommend this system enough: it makes getting ready in the morning a breeze!

Should you hang your bras?

Many lingerie shops hang bras so you may be wondering if this is a good bra storage system. Indeed, hanging bras can be a good idea but it depends on how it is done.

The correct way to fold bras is to use specialized hangers and use their clips to hand from the main bra area, not from the straps, from their chest strap.

Never hang a bra from one strap, from a hook or a door handle (I know, I know!) or the strap will inevitably lose its shape and start doing that annoying falling off the shoulder thing!

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