How to make a bed like a hotel: easy tips to try at home

by Mama Loves Home

Give your bed that perfect hotel look with these easy tips to make a bed like a pro!

Have you ever notices how amazingly tidy and welcoming beds look in good hotels?

They are always the first thing I notice in a hotel room and the one that makes a nice hotel stand out from a not-so-great one in my book: I always a nicely made bed simply lifts the room and sets the mood for a restful night.

But what is it that makes professionally made beds look so nice? And what are the tricks you can use at home to make your own bed look professionally made?

This is that we are tackling today with our actionable, easy tips to make your bed like a pro!

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How to make your bed like a professional

Go white

Whatever your room color scheme is, the quickest way to give your bed a professional look is to use white linen. White bedsheets make your room and bed look bright, evoke a sense of cleanliness and they are the easiest to clean.

Also, with all white sheets, you don’t have to worry excessively if you misplace a pillowcase as they will all match anyway!

Add a mattress protector

A good mattress is key to a good night sleep and a mattress protector is key to make your expensive purchase last as long as possible.

Consider a feather bed topper

Feather bed toppers are a fluffy layer that you can add on top of your mattress. These layers offer extra comfort and give the bed that feather-like (!) feel you often notice in luxury hotels.

Avoid fitted sheets

A fitted sheet may seem the fastest way to get a smooth layer however, looking after your sheet and your bed is much easier if you opt for flat sheets only.

They are much easier to iron, fold and store and they work as a base layer just as well if not even better than a fitted sheet.

The key to having them stay in place is to center them on the bed so all sides hang equally and then tuck them in tightly under the bed corners.

A great way to secure your sheet on the bed so it doesn’t come off is to learn to make the so-called hospital corner fold, that you can learn here.

Put the top sheet upside down

When placing your top sheet on the bed, make sure you center it and place it upside down. This way, then you fold the top you have the correct side of the sheets to show.

This is important if opting for print or color sheet but often useful with white lined too: often the two sides of the sheets are different even if it might not look so at first glance.

The tuck it in all the way

Once you have your top sheet down, take extra care in tucking it all in not just at the bottom of the bed but also along the sided, all the way up to the fold.

This makes the bed look much tidier and gives a nice, snug feeling when you get in.

Get a duvet cover of the correct size

Bed/sheet sizing can be very confusing so picking the right size for your duvet can be a bit of a headache however, it is an important step to get that beautiful tidy finish.

Pay extra attention to the size of the duvet you are buying for (single, double, California king, Queen, European, super king etc) and consider this rule of thumb: you want your duvet cover to be about 2 inches bigger and than your duvet for the best look.

Add a coverlet

One of the signature looks of hotel beds is the coverlet – a blanket/throw at their feet. They are a wonderful way to add color and texture and what helps personalize a bed even if opting for white sheets.

To add an extra touch of luxury, opt for materials that add not just color but also a plush texture to your room: cashmere, velvet or quilted throws can work amazing, depending on the style and decor of your room.

Mix and match pillows

Your choice of pillow should also put comfort and neck safety first but this doesn’t mean you cannot add additional pillows and cushion to give your bedroom that designer hotel look.

Start with two good pillows with white pillowcases at the back and add small and big cushion in front, going big to small. For a hotel look, the pillows are the back look best if places on their side, standing up.

Always remember to place the zip of the cushions, if any, facing down.

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